School Office Opens - August 23rd

Classes Start - September 3rd

Nutrition Program Notice

Dear Parents & Caregivers...

It's hard to believe that the start of school is upon us with our first day being September 3rd.

We wanted to inform you that with the lack of school budget information and the uncertainty of the continuation of the funding for the school nutrition program, we at Harry Gray Elementary School will be unable to start our lunch program until funding for this program is confirmed by the Alberta Government. We hope that this will be as early as mid October.

We know that many of our students relied on this lunch program during the last school year. Therefore, we wanted to inform HGE families of this information as soon as possible so that all students are sent to school with a nutritious lunch and snacks needed throughout the day until the decision is made regarding the future of this worthwhile government funded program.

Thanks you for your understanding.

See you on Tuesday!

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